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Nice to Meet You! Let me tell you a little..

About Me


Sometimes we all have to slow down and take a moment to document those precious milestones and occasions. After 8 years of photographing and managing in family portrait studios, I decided to go out on my own as a freelancer. In 2019, I began my own Photography business specializing in outdoor portraits. I have now continued my dream by adding my very own indoor home studio in Hooksett, New Hampshire. This is no side-gig for me-I am absolutely obsessed with what I do.


In the 90’s, I picked up a camera for the first time, when I was five years old. My Mom showed me how to load a 35 mm film roll into our skinny Kodak Ektralite camera. I brought it with me on the regular nature walk around a local lake, which my family and I visited often. It was an Autumn day, so of course, there was plenty of inspiration with the surrounding colorful trees and reflections. When I received the package of prints back from Rite Aid, I leafed through them and was instantly intrigued! Eventually, snaps of sunflowers, and the neighbors’ pets turned into pictures of my first model, my little sister. I dressed her up in tutus and tiaras, making her dance around and pose while I snapped away. Coincidentally she grew up to be a musician/model/actor. She’s still my muse even to this day! 


As I grew older, I loved getting those packages of prints back every now and then. Luckily, my High School provided film photography classes. There I built a portfolio to begin Art School in 2007. At the Pennsylvania College of Art & Design, I developed a passion for Documentary Portraiture, which I still incorporate in my story-telling photography to the present. After I graduated with my Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Photography in 2012, I swiftly started working for a Portrait Photography Corporation. Starting as an Associate Photographer, I climbed the corporate ladder into upper management positions in several states and locations. During my time there, I helped train other photographers to develop their skills; learned how to run a business; provided excellent customer service; mastered the art of child interaction; and practiced a broad variety of different subject matters. After my time with the company, I ventured out into my own freelance portraiture. I moved up to New Hampshire with my then boyfriend, Marc; got married in Fall of 2020 and now we're just living life!












For outdoor Photoshoots, I cover areas in: Manchester, Hooksett, Derry, Londonderry, Goffstown, Auburn, Merrimack, Bedford,  Bow, Concord, Nashua, Salem, Portsmouth, Amherst, Hollis, Rye and other adjacent New Hampshire, Massachusetts & Maine areas. Just shoot me a quick email and we can collaborate on adding a page to your family's album today!

*Home Studio located in Hooksett, New Hampshire (just a few minutes outside of Manchester)*

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